My name is Melissa, and I’m addicted to cooking, writing, and looking at pictures of baby pugs on Instagram.img_4631

Actually though, I’m a twenty-something project coordinator & freelance writer who loves to create. My foray into online writing  began in 2013 I realized that I was unhappy with my health inside and out and overhauled my lifestyle completely. What followed was a two and a half year health journey which I documented regularly under the blog name “A Year of Real Eating.” My goal was to keep myself accountable to those healthy choices, but also share my knack for healthy cooking with friends and followers. I threw myself into the world of wellness and nutrition, taking several courses to expand my knowledge and help guide my choices.

This dedication to healthy posting evolved over the years- beginning as a strictly CleanEating commitment, I found that I was always discovering something “wrong” with my current diet. I went Paleo, then Vegetarian, then 100% Plant-Based, always finding that nothing ever felt quite right. I would create something amazing in the kitchen, then not post it because it didn’t adhere to the strict guidelines I had set for myself and my brand. In early 2015 I encountered a stressful move, a miscarriage, and a job loss all in the same 30 days. I fell off the wagon completely, and stopped posting at all because I felt guilty and ashamed that I was not able to maintain my strictly clean eating habits. Even when I started to feel better and would create amazing recipes in the kitchen, I didn’t post them because they didn’t fit the by-then category of strictly plant-based recipe I had created for myself.

By mid 2015, I had started a new career and begun to settle into a highly demanding and fast-paced corporate environment. Late in the year the love of my life and I found out we were going to be parents and our world turned upside down once again. After a stressful and sickly four months, I began to feel better and accordingly eat better. I began to choose foods that would nourish my baby and me, and afforded myself the luxury of cheat meals and cravings. It was then I realized that I wanted a place to write more authentically- a place I could share my healthy recipes, but also post birthday cakes and sugar cookies. I wanted a spot to showcase articles about women’s issues, body image and more broadly about feminism, as well as to write about my transition to motherhood and our family.

A Lovely Balance is the end result of this desire. It’s a food and lifestyle blog primarily, but more so it’s a blog about the pursuit of health and happiness- whatever that happens to look like.

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