work with mePut simply, I love to write and to create. A Lovely Balance is a personal blog, which is why you won’t see advertisements and affiliate links all over this page. I do not use it to pay the bills, which is why I spend most of my time working with others on their projects. I love to work with people, businesses, and brands and I’d love to connect with you!

Here are some of the ways we can work together:


I am a skilled writer with extensive knowledge of SEO and inbound marketing principles. I am experienced in producing content for businesses and brands of all varieties and for all purposes- whether that is blog posts, website content, print materials, or social media posts. While I often write authored food content, I work with clients in all fields as a copywriter- producing content for publications on their behalf.


RECIPE DEVELOPMENTButternut Squash & Red Lentil Soup

I have been a food writer for the past three years and  have a passion for developing easy-to-follow recipes that work every time for my readers. If you have a product you would like featured in custom recipes, or simply need food content for your publication, I can create something scrumptious for you and your readers.


FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY & STYLINGWhite Bean & Winter Squash Pot Pie (Vegetarian)

Food photography seems like a no-brainer, but in realit
y it takes experience and knowledge to properly style and shoot food. When I look back on the seriously questionable iPhone photos I started out with years ago, I can’t help but cringe! I can help to style and shoot your product or culinary creations to produce mouthwatering images, no cringe necessary.



Want to start a blog or WordPress website and don’t know where to start? Have a great product or event but don’t know how to get it going on social media? I can help!